Focussed – and grounded

We’re a very down to earth team at RDZ PR and we’re much more interested in achieving your results than wearing snazzy suits (although we do brush up well when we need to!).  We bring our experience and proven PR track record, you simply bring your willingness to be involved in shaping the future of your business.

No matter whether it’s a simple local marketing strategy or a high-profile national campaign we know what’s got to be done, by when and how to create the appropriate buzz around it.  It may not be rocket science, but it can have a huge impact and we just happen to be very, very good at it.

In our 30 years plus of ‘doing’ PR we have worked across an incredibly wide range of industry sectors including professional services, energy, engineering, manufacture, fashion, jewellery, hotels and hospitality, private foster care, contemporary art and the charity sector. There’s really not a sector where our no-nonsense strategies won’t work; we simply need there to be a serious desire to succeed.

What Our Clients Say…

We are often told by clients that our success (and, therefore, their success) is due to our incredibly flexible approach, pooled industry intelligence, experience and expertise.  These elements work together to keep us fresh, focused and fiercely relevant to the companies we work with.

It’s such a shame they didn’t mention our charming personalities and good looks too, but we can’t have everything…!

There’s no big secret to how we do it

We work hard and we don’t dumb things down.  We spend time with our clients to establish a water-tight strategy with crystal clear objectives which we then integrate across all relevant channels and mixed-media communication platforms.

Reporting back at regular and agreed intervals allows us to measure what is working brilliantly and identify what, if anything, needs to be changed to enhance results.  We remain transparent in everything we do and believe that the development a trust-based, collaborative working relationship is the key to achieving PR objectives.

FREE 2 Hour Consultation

To help you establish if RDZ PR are could be ‘the one’ to help you achieve your business goals we’re offering a completely FREE 2-hour consultation.

If we don’t send you away from this no-obligation meeting with at least three great ideas specifically relevant to you, then the coffee is on us!

To talk about what you’re looking for please call us today on 01509 813 913 or contact our Agency Director using this form.