Be part of The Big Climate Fightback

At RDZ PR we love an effective initiative and this one by The Woodland Trust certainly caught our interest over the last few weeks.

They are organising an event on the 30th November called The Big Climate Fightback and are urging as many people as possible to join in and make a difference to what is undeniably the biggest challenge facing us all in the foreseeable future.

Climate change is seldom far from news at the moment but, whilst awareness might be high, so too are the feelings of helplessness most of us experience.  With current political positioning ahead of the general election and the posturing of other world leaders trying to establish their nations’ dominance over the global agenda, it’s easy to feel ‘environmentally fatigued’ and have a sense of there being no easy answer.

We, like many others are, therefore, absolutely delighted when an event is organised where something significant and good can actually achieved – with less discussion and more positive action!

So, what exactly is so great (in our humble opinion) about The Big Climate Fightback?  Well, it’s a simple concept which makes participation accessible to most. The idea is that The Woodland Trust will mobilise one million people to pledge to plant a tree on 30th November.  Even for those with nowhere to plant a tree of their own there is still the option to make a donation to the conservation charity to allow the continuation of their work to plant and protect trees all over the UK.

It’s easy to think that we live in a beautifully green land with forests-a-plenty but the truth is that woodland covers only around 13% of the UK, leaving us over 24% behind the average across the EU and far from the ideal environmental position.  The world wars were a huge historical drain on our natural resources, but deforestation continues, and our ever-expanding population means that more pressure than ever is being placed on our hitherto protected greenbelt areas.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics published in 2017 suggested that the removal of air pollution through plant life (mainly trees) has added a total of 1,238 years to people’s lives.  On an even larger scale, Swiss university ETH Zürich says a worldwide planting programme could remove two-thirds of all the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere today.  There’s no denying the benefits to planting as many trees as we possibly can – over and above the fact that their mere presence supports so many other species and makes our countryside so beautiful.

The planting of new trees is a genuinely effective way to make a difference and to at least slow down global warming whilst longer term initiatives are discussed, agreed and eventually applied.  The Woodland Trust are leading the way with this very welcomed immediate action and this particular initiative is just part of their wider aim to have planted a tree for every person in Britain by 2025.

As well as initiating planting by individuals everywhere, they will also be hosting public tree planting sessions across the UK on November 30th – one event in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and at least five events across England.  The message is clear: –

‘Every single tree counts and by planting a tree you will have been part of a change.
You’ll literally be one in a million’

Here at RDZ PR we will be taking part in the event and encouraging many others to join in too.  We would, of course, love to hear of any plans or events you have associated with this particular initiative or similar schemes – send them to us and we will cover some of the great things going on in the area in a later blog post.  Simply contact us via and let us know what you are doing.

If you would like to find out more about The Big Climate Fightback, you can visit (and make your own pledge) at