Crisis Management

Do you have an immediate or URGENT need for help?

It’s all well and good to let you know about PR and how RDZ PR can help you to promote your business to your target market or create a buzz around an event, but if you are currently in the midst of a crisis you might be looking to take some remedial action RIGHT NOW!

If this is indeed the reason you have clicked on the ‘I need help now’ tab then read no further and get in touch immediately. Let’s not hang around, you need to take the first step to getting back on track……

Even if things aren’t quite so urgent there may still be a mini crisis looming and we’d love to help you ‘nip it in the bud’ and plan for happier times on the other side.

Do you have a communications crisis?

If you were to have a crisis would you be able to recognise the signs? Would you know how best to deal with it?

It’s a fact that companies of a certain size or those involved in particular industries (e.g. heavy manufacturing, energy, hospitality, animal /pet care and childcare) are more prone to having incidents.

It is also a fact (but perhaps a lesser known one) that businesses who have an effective crisis communication plan in place will recover much faster than those who don’t.

The good news is that establishing a pro-active plan for ‘crisis comms’ is actually relatively easy to do – WHEN you know what you need and how you can do it.

If you like to be prepared and think ahead of your competition then speak to RDZ PR now – there really is no time like the present.


Top Tips from our Agency Director

Rachel Hargrave – Agency Director at RDZ PR and a ‘hands-on’ PR crisis communications manager with over 20 years of in-field experience – says, “Companies who plan together, who are open and honest about where their gaps are (especially in terms of skills) and who are prepared to be pro-active in putting in place and then regularly reviewing a crisis communications plan will be in the minority for sure. That’s a real shame because outside of business we all know that when something big, hairy and unexpected comes our way we aren’t usually at our best when thinking about how to respond. A clear plan constructed in advance of a crisis helps enormously as it can be put in place quickly and simply with the full buy-in of the leadership team and senior managers.”


In response to a demand from existing clients, RDZ PR have put together a selection of workshops and one day courses to concentrate specifically on crisis communications planning. To get the best from each session we restrict numbers to a maximum of 10 people. If this is something which you’d like to explore as part of your future planning (perhaps a course for your Senior Management Team?) please get in touch. We can run the courses in-house or at a local venue of your choosing

Examples of courses we have provided:

  • Crisis Communications; Defining Your Crises & Putting a Pro-active Plan in Place
  • Crisis Communications; Media Training – The Good, The Bad, The Uglycrisis-communications
  • Crisis Communications; Reviewing Your Plan & Testing It in The Real World


Points covered:

  • How to forward plan for the possible crises that may occur in your industry
  • How to forward plan for the possible crises that may occur in your industry
  • How to develop the right skills in your response team
  • Media training for speaking to a hostile media
  • How to decide on the right response to each different crisis scenario
  • How to establish one master response per crisis scenario
  • How to manage communication between team members, priorities and speed of response time and action
  • Find out what NOT-TO-DO with a useful checklist
  • How to prepare a fully worked through pro-active crisis plan
  • How to Review the plan if you are in a particularly hazardous or quick moving industry

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