Free Photography

A Brand New Offer From RDZ PR For The Next Six Weeks!


On our Home Page we ran this sexy little statement;

Commission RDZ PR to create and implement your PR campaign and we will give you a free ½ day of photography.

Here’s the more! Many, many clients are extremely shy of spending the money necessary to take quality photography, and yet supplying an interesting image with your press release will almost guarantee that press release being used.


Editors are quite literally screaming out for interesting images to run against press releases and yet they often get supplied with a quick snap on an iPhone. That just won’t cut it. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s Kurt Jacobs, Editor of Midlands Business Insider, view,

“…which then brings us to the issue of pictures. I have amassed a huge image library of Men in Suits Looking Seriously At A Camera. I need no more! The images that tend to get used are those of people doing things, in interesting settings. Snapping on an iPhone rarely cuts it. At least have people interacting with each other rather than staring at the lens. Interesting pix tend to get used, so it’s worth spending a hundred quid or so on images that will be seen by 41,000 Insider readers.”

Hence our offer to you for free photography. Commission RDZ PR during the next six weeks to create and implement your PR campaign and we will give you a free ½ day of photography*.

*To receive your free ½ day of photography we ask each client to agree to a minimum of 2 days per month for 6 months. For further details contact our Agency Director, Rachel Hargrave using the form below or telephone us on 1509 43 43 52 today!