Get noticed, a few quick tips

Last week we looked into how website content might be tweaked to increase SEO bearing in mind that many users are now searching on mobile devices, some even now via voice alone.

This week we thought that it might be useful to have a quick round up of some other valuable techniques / inclusions to get the most from the content which you (or others upon your behalf) have worked so hard to put together.

Here are just a few additional elements to optimise your content;

  1. Video

Always a winner when it comes to grabbing attention and now more accessible than ever thanks to the great quality of film which can be achieved using smartphones. Whilst professional video is probably always best (and perhaps not as expensive as you may think) there’s always room for some spur-of-the-moment pieces too.  Why not take your audience on a quick tour of your facilities or introduce them to your team?

  1. Infographics

Particularly useful when your business involves a complicated process or your product is technically challenging.  A pictorial illustration can get to the most pertinent points and the best features much more easily than a long, drawn out text explanation.  With the help of a good graphic designer the infographic itself can take pride of place on your homepage like an impressive work of art!

  1. Images

It’s long been known that images work very well in social media posts as they can spark the imagination and break up what might otherwise be standard blocks of text. It’s worth remembering though that an image doesn’t simply need to be a stock photograph it can be a quote, a cartoon or an illustration.  There are no hard and fast rules other than the fact that it should be relevant…somehow at least.

  1. Questions

By this we mean the asking of questions which will stimulate dialogue and, therefore, increase engagement with your audience.  It’s a great way to get feedback and to find out the real thoughts of your target market, maybe even discovering what is important to them.  Just as in life in general we all feel just a little more valued if we are asked for our opinions rather than just being talked at.  Why not ask what users feel are the best features of your product or service?  This might then encourage more in the way of Testimonials…

  1. Testimonials and Case Studies

There are few things more powerful than a glowing testimonial.  The reassurance of hearing about the very positive experience an existing customer has had is sometimes the only thing a new potential buyer needs before making their own commitment.  Testimonials don’t need to stay on the website waiting to be found; get them onto social media and make sure the maximum amount of people see just how amazing you are.  Of course if the fabulous reference comes from an industry expert or other respected authority then it’s something you really should be shouting about.

  1. Helpful Hints and Guides

If you provide your audience with something useful then you will win their gratitude and perhaps also their respect.  Providing guides, tips and checklists confirms that you have knowledge and experience in your chosen field which, in turn, suggests a high level of expertise.  Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of humour into things if appropriate, especially if you are recommending what someone definitely wants to avoid doing, within your ‘Dos and Don’ts’!

The above list is by no means exhaustive and there are lots of individual ways to ensure that you not only grab but also hold on to the attention of your audience.  We all know that the media space is becoming increasingly crowded.  It is now more important than ever to make a great impression and get noticed for the right reasons. That is what we at RDZ PR are all about.