RDZ – the leading UK-based PR agency working solely with:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Fast growth organisations
  • Ambitious family businesses

At RDZ PR we work with you to help you achieve each and every one of your inspired business goals!

Working with highly ambitious entrepreneurs, family businesses and fast-growth organisations is all that we do at RDZ PR.  Offering an entirely personalised service to each of our clients, we concentrate solely on helping them to reach and exceed their most ambitious targets in the timeframes they’re working to… and we do this via the powerful discipline of Public Relations (PR).

At RDZ PR we provide a complete PR service utilising both traditional (offline) and online opportunities.  Our approach is tailored specifically to the client we’re working with and the goals they’re working towards or issues they’re looking to overcome.  Every campaign is bespoke, and our work always starts with Phase One – designing a strategically-focussed plan aimed squarely at answering our client’s exact requirements.

Once approved we go into Phase Two – implementation.  We don’t mess about – our clients just don’t have time for that – we roll our sleeves up and get on with the job at hand, namely forging new relationships, seeking out audiences that will appeal to our clients, helping them achieve their ambitions and writing content designed to cement their position as industry thought-leaders whilst educating their market(s).

At RDZ PR life is fast paced, totally results-focussed and 100% about moving businesses forward.  Oh… and we have an awful lot of fun whilst doing it!!

How PR Will Help Your Business / Organisation Move Forward

You set your businesses goals and we’ll show you how we can help you achieve them

At RDZ PR we will act as your Public Relations manager and your PR team, setting and implementing a strategy-driven campaign tailored to your specific business objectives, which means that we’re always working towards your goals rather than our own agenda.

Whilst we’ll get to know your business and understand what is of the utmost importance to you, we’ll never presume that we know your industry better than you do. The best campaigns are those crafted collaboratively between PR specialist and client and we never lose sight of that.

No waffle, just results

With RDZ PR comes creativity, experience and, most importantly, success. We’re not the most conventional PR specialists you’ve ever met, and we may be more interested in industry accolades than glitzy receptions, but we know how to raise your profile where it matters; and it genuinely matters to us.

At RDZ PR we’ll make that all-important connection between your brand, your market and your target audience(s), generating interest and encouraging valuable audience engagement.  We’ll deliver a tangible, commercial PR advantage to your business / organisation and help to communicate local, regional, national (even global) brand awareness.

… and we don’t believe in delivering page after page of meaningless stats to prove we’ve been ‘doing our bit’.  You’ll see first-hand the results of our activity.

A collaborative effort

We’re representing your business so we need you to be involved in this campaign.  If you want to outsource it and forget it we’re perhaps not the agency for you.  If you want to work with experts in their field, with a proven track record of results helping other highly ambitious business people and organisations achieve their goals, then we are the agency for you!

We only work with owners, entrepreneurs and key decision makers – those able to sign-off on budgets and ideas.  No disrespect intended, but a successful PR campaign can be seriously hindered when it’s halted to escalate ideas to, and gain budget approval from, the Senior Management team.

The companies we work with include those in professional services, energy, engineering, manufacturing, fashion, jewellery, restaurants, hotels and hospitality, private foster care, the arts and the charity sector.  We’re not defined, as an agency, by sector or business size but by the character of those we work with;

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Fast growth organisations
  • Ambitious family businesses

You know who you are!

Raising your profile and enhancing your reputation

You may have tried something like this before.  You may have got frustrated at ‘fluffy thinking’ and intangible results.  You may have wondered what you were paying for.

With RDZ PR you’ll know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how successful your campaign is.  We believe in total transparency and boy do we celebrate results!

We pride ourselves in working with you as part of your team.  We take the pain out of PR and help you to take your business to where you want it to go; your reputation heightened and safeguarded, your brand enhanced and your profile raised – and all with solid and credible results to prove it.

No risk with a FREE initial 2 hour consultation

To find out exactly how RDZ PR can help you achieve your business and / or professional goals (and, of course, to make sure we’re right for each other) get in touch with us today.

Our initial meeting is a COMPLETELY FREE 2-HOUR CONSULTATION where you’ll discover a minimum of three brand new ideas to take away and use immediately.

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