Leisure Doesn’t Need to be Leisurely

In December here at RDZ HQ we had some amazing leisure time. No, we weren’t just lazing around ignoring the fact that we had lots of work to do.

We were getting to know our two new lovely RDZ PR clients who are very much involved in the leisure industry, and we were putting together their exciting plans for 2020.

Sapori Restaurant & Bar is an absolutely amazing Italian restaurant located in Anstey, Leicestershire so we were very lucky to get some of their precious time around Christmas being as it is, of course, one of the most hectic periods of the year for them.  However, very successful businesses like theirs know how crucial it is to build and keep momentum to ensure that those all-important customers keep on coming through the door, so they found the time to make future plans even when the present was madly busy!

The second exciting client to come under our PR wings is Play Fitters who emerged from sister company Zone Laser’s work in business planning and consultancy with Family Entertainment Centres.  Far from being child’s play the effective design, crafting and installation of fittings, fixtures, scenery and equipment for Family Entertainment Centres finds their team entirely absorbed in the challenge of meeting the now very high expectation of the visiting public.

Quite the exciting pair, these businesses illustrate what we love about our clients. They show that it doesn’t matter what the business actually is, the key to successfully ‘doing PR’ is to firstly be ambitious and have the desire to grow fast and secondly to actively believe, support and participate in the agreed strategy to raise profile and start making people take notice.  Both these clients have these qualities in bucketloads and that’s why we’re confident that they will succeed and achieve their ultimate business goals.

The fact that they have already put in the planning time during a period which was crazy busy for both shows that they understand the importance of starting from a solid foundation and considering carefully what they want the year ahead to look like. As you can imagine we absolutely love that!

Our combined, unstoppable enthusiasm (and willingness to put in the hard graft) has resulted in us starting this shiny new year of 2020 (what, already??) in a’ full steam ahead’ and ‘all guns blazing’ style.  Everyone knows what is expected, everyone knows what they’re doing, everyone’s up for some fun in the process – watch this space for some exciting times to come!!

You can find out more about both by visiting their websites: