Mining on line information may uncover high value gems

In business we learn from the very beginning to get to know our clients, learning about them and finding out what they…

…want before trying to woo them with our products and services.  Even when we have gained their valued business we listen to their feedback and tweak our offering if it’s not quite hitting their anticipated mark.

Gaining and keeping clients is the lifeblood of all businesses and we believe few would argue with the importance of understanding and fulfilling needs; in fact, a good proportion of time, effort and budget is generally directed at acquisition and retention – words which will be very familiar to most who have products and services to sell.

Sadly, all this activity and energy is often directed solely at those prospects and clients who are visited and serviced face to face.  How much attention do we give to the needs and wants of the increasing numbers who come to us via our online platforms?

Yes, we may have spent a considerable chunk of budget in market research and focus group testing prior to launch which will equally be relevant to buyers who approach us in person or via the internet, but from that point on do we really understand where we are succeeding/failing to meet the needs of those who want to do business with us online?

There are a huge number of online analytics tools at the disposal of businesses nowadays and making good us of these could be the key to increasing engagement (and ultimately conversion) from online activity.  The insights, which can be gained from looking at the behaviour of those who are visiting our websites, are incredibly valuable and can tell us so much about where we are succeeding and where we are failing to meet the needs of those who are ‘checking us out’ via our virtual shop window.

‘Stickiness’ of particular pages has long been a concept discussed within digital marketing circles and the ability to keep an audience interested enough to continue to read and then want to know more is one which is generally valued.  Less considered, however, is the idea of determining what the audience are looking for, and at what specific point they are engaging or, alternatively, leaving altogether.

In simple terms, if a visitor to the website does not go on to contact or buy, there is something they are not finding which is essential to their decision-making process. Yes, it may just be a cost-based decision but it is possible that it may instead be based on having a specific need which is not being answered by the information on offer.  Taking the time to understand where people are ‘falling off’ is the first step, digging further to find out why that might be is the next stage (and the one which will reap the highest rewards).

We are not for one minute suggesting that the reasons will always be clear cut and, even with the best analytics tools, there may still be a degree of detective work to be done.  Taking a look at the whole customer journey, however, (perhaps as far back as them responding to a piece of email marketing) will provide some very useful clues as to what initially sparked their interest and, therefore, what in particular, they hoped to find when they clicked onto the website.

Successful modern day marketing is a long way from the ‘numbers game’ of old.  It is more about understanding the target market, anticipating need, satisfying doubt and making a compelling case for purchase.  In the same way as a salesman may have sat with a potential new client with notepad and pen poised to gather information, we must extract what we know about our online ‘prospects’ and use this knowledge to guide them in their journey to conversion.

At RDZ PR we are all about raising profile and getting your target market to notice you and see how fabulous you are.  Of course, once we drive those potential new clients your way we want you to make the very most of the opportunity and we are, therefore, always here to help advise on every aspect of your marketing strategy.  If you like the sound of a PR agency who want to be part of the whole solution then get in touch with Rach via