Marketing and PR Diagnostic and Action Plan

If you have a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve but are at a loss as to how to get there, or if you’re confused as to which areas of marketing and PR to focus on then this is the plan for you!  Our Marketing and PR Diagnostic and Action Plan is intended to help businesses identify areas for growth with a particular focus on marketing and PR, as well as provide them with an Action Plan for them to implement.  Each diagnostic and Action Plan looks at;

  • Current Marketing and PR performance and direction (sales results and improvements)
  • Identifying customers
  • Product and services (meeting customer’s needs)
  • Customer journey
  • Organisation (structures, people, training and development)
  • Business goals and strategy

Using Zoom we talk through each client’s current position and business as well as understand their ambitions.  We then compile our report and produce our Action Plan showing clearly how clients can move from where they are to where they want to be.  Once complete we email the report and Action Plan to our client before presenting it to them via Zoom where we answer any questions.  At this point we also like to book in a catch up call for four weeks’ time to see how they’re getting along and to make any adjustments to their Action Plan as required.

£995.00 + VAT