One-off PR Media Lists

With access to the world’s most comprehensive database of over one million journalists and influencers from nearly 200 countries, we’re able to create for you UK media lists that are dedicated to your area(s) of interest and / or the media of interest to you. For example;

  • If you’re a charity and want to know who is interested / involved in charity media we can run off a charity media list just for you
  • If you’re interested in the business media in your local area we can run off a media list for your local business media

Each media list contains the name of the contact, their job title, outlet name, email (where known), phone number (where known), media type (blogger, freelancer, newspaper journalist etc), their focus (local, regional, national, international) as well as any social media platforms they are active on (again, where known).

Please note: we strongly recommend that you update your media lists every three months as things move rapidly in the media world and you really don’t want your contacts to become out of date.
Each list is provided to you as an excel spreadsheet.

£150.00 + VAT