One-off Press Release

A press release is an official statement issued to the media giving information on a particular matter / certain topic. They are an effective and affordable method to promote your business and get your message out to the right audience.

To get the maximum benefit you should ideally be issuing press releases regularly. This will help you build and keep up the momentum gained when talking to the media of interest to you. However, we understand that for some clients they just need a press release writing and issuing every now and again. That’s where our Press Release Package comes in.

We will;

  • Write your press release including your Editors Notes (otherwise known as a Boiler Plate)
  • Pull together your media lists (the media your approved press release will go to)
  • Ask you for a photo / image that best illustrates your press release
  • Schedule your press release for issue and share across our social media feeds and website also
  • Share the results with you (how many people received your press release, bounce rate, open rate, click through rate etcetera)

£300.00 + VAT