The PR Blueprint

Our PR Blueprint programme is the follow on course to ‘The Beginners Guide To PR’ and literally contains all you need to get you from zero to PR hero in just three months. It launches on the 24th April 2023.

This Programme covers each of the following topics in detail and includes weekly live Q&A sessions with Rach as well as personalised feedback from her on your first press release / article.

Join us on PR Blueprint and understand how to;

  • Clearly define the top three outcomes you want to achieve from embarking on a PR campaign, ensuring it aligns with your overall business goals, your ethics and your values
  • Develop your unique brand story and company USPs delving deep into your product(s) / service(s), people, business development plans, community engagement and involvement etcetera. In this module we’ll;
    • Explore what PR is
    • What the media are looking for
    • Provide you with examples and templates for you to model and use
    • Suggest potential press release titles and topics for you to use
  • Recognise the media that’s important to you and why they’re important to you including;
    • The important role local media plays and how to identify local press opportunities
    • How to gain free online publicity via trusted and well respected sources
    • How to carry out Forward Feature research (the way many media outlets plan what they’re going to talk about when) and what to do with the information when you have it!
  • Create a Media Pack including your very own Editors Notes / Boiler Plate and how to use it once you’ve created it with your new media contacts
  • Gain your first press coverage including how to;
    • Contact and build relationships with the media of interest to you
    • Follow up with them
    • Track your conversations and the importance of diarising future conversations with them
    • Capture mentions of yourself in the media

Our PR Blueprint Programme comes with two fabulous freebies;

  • A FREE bonus media list shaped to your specific needs complete with full contact details and, where known, social media links
  • A FREE annual media calendar complete with story ideas, dates and hooks to help you create plenty of media attention and bucketful’s of buzz!

Register your interest now and we’ll let you know as soon as the course is available. Payment plans will also be available.

    Original price was: £5,708.33.Current price is: £4,162.50. + VAT