Sponsorship and PR

Across our PR clients we have different strategies running aimed at answering their specific goals and ambitions.

For some this includes a smattering of sponsorship but what is sponsorship, how do you choose the correct type / form of sponsorship and is it all really, really expensive?

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship involves a company supporting, in some way, shape or form, something or someone it resonates with and / or feels will help in the overall promotion of its products or services, albeit indirectly.  The ‘something’ or ‘someone’ could be a local football or dance school, a business or industry award, a sportsperson or a cause such as a local or national charity.

Sponsorship examples from our clients include:

  • Rotherwood Healthcare sponsoring the Hereford Times Health & Social Care Awards – The GP Practice of the Year Award
  • Air Aesthetics Clinics sponsoring the Royal Ascot Ladies Day Experience which raised much needed funds for Variety, The Children’s Charity and the Norman Laud Association
  • Flexpress sponsoring Alex’s Wish – a parent-led charity who raise money to fund clinical research and clinical trials with a view to finding new treatments and – ultimately – a cure for the life-limiting disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  • Barrie Stephen Hair Salons who support Leicester Animal Aid (LAA) amongst many other worthy local causes


How do you choose the Correct Type/Form of Sponsorship?

Choosing the right sponsorship for you / your business / your product or service really comes down to two things;

  1. What are you trying to achieve by sponsoring this person / event / organisation? Are you trying to raise profile generally or specifically?  Are you trying to break into a new market / sector and see this as one way to do that?  Are you trying to engage your team / clients and this is more about CSR than marketing / sales?
  2. How important is it that they align closely to your own values? For some clients it’s imperative and for others it’s less important.  We always argue that a close alignment is best because the sponsorship will feel right and, usually, encourages you to be more involved than otherwise.  In our experience the closer the relationship the more both parties benefit from the deal


Is it Really, Really Expensive?

It can be.  If you decide to sponsor a major sports star / team then yes they know how to charge!  However, if you pick the right award to sponsor (and fully maximise that sponsorship) or the right charity to support (lots of charities now run business clubs which is a fabulous way to not only do your bit for CSR but also develop new networks and professional relationships which can help you to grow your business) you can be looking at as little as £50.

Cost is, of course, a consideration but we say it should not be your first.  Understand what it is you want to achieve from undertaking sponsorship then work the rest out.  Doing it this way will avoid you making a knee-jerk response to an opportunity that comes in through email, the ‘phone or snail mail (which are usually the more costly options!) and will help you to explore the full range of options available to you.

Have fun, be curious and enjoy!  There is something out there for you we just know it!

If you’re interested in PR, sponsorship or how to combine them effectively, give Rach a call on 07976 806 578 or drop her a line on email at rachel.hargrave@rdz-pr.co.uk