The Amazing PR Boost from Awards

A good and, therefore, successful PR strategy will always contain a mixture of activities, both on-line and off-line.

The common thread between the individual elements within the plan will be there overall objective – to raise profile.

This may mean bringing your company’s products and services to the attention of your target market.  It may even be a case of raising awareness of your activities within your peer group or amongst your stakeholders.  A good, well thought-out PR campaign can achieve all of these things simultaneously.

One of the easiest ways to achieve an uplift in profile, in our opinion, is by entering awards.  Few things say quality quite so obviously as an ‘Award Winner’ logo on individual’s emails or on the company website.  It’s an indication that your business has been measured against others and found to be the best within its particular category.  Whether it’s for business success, leadership, innovation, export, sustainability, employee engagement… the independent judging of a company to be award-worthy gives a really clear indication to others that something quite special is going on there.

Confession time!!  Our sister company is The Awards People and we help businesses and individuals to realise their award dreams so you may say we have a little bit of a bias.  The truth is that The Awards People was born when we discovered the true power of award entry as part of a wider PR strategy and when it became apparent that many businesses saw it as a key part of their overall profile-raising plan.

We frequently hear stories of almost instantaneous results for award winners.  Karen Cureton, Social Media guru, is a regular visitor to our Sofa of Success and she has often told us of the amazing things she’s seen post award win.  In the three months following her first award win she received more web hits and social media engagement than in the previous two years – and let’s not forget she’s in the business of raising social media presence!!  You can see Karen’s vlog here and hear about her experience first- hand at

Pete Frost of Unity’s story is another one which illustrates the instant uplift to be gained from the awards process.  Pete took the opportunity to network the Institute of Directors (IoD) finalists’ room.  He congratulated his fellow winners and made three post-event meetings which he soon converted to around £10,000 of additional monthly revenue.  These were all brand new contacts for Pete and what made it even more amazing was that his win was actually an award for his charitable work rather than his business achievements!!  Listen to his story at

The turbo-charged boost from awards doesn’t stop at increased turnover, high-level networking or new contracts won.  An awards win has many other advantages for a business too, and some of these happen within the organisation itself.  Employees feel a greater sense of pride and belonging when they are part of a winning team (a great bonus in these days when employee retention is one of the biggest challenges most businesses face).  Many of the business owners and managers we speak to tell us of the positivity within the workforce when they’ve returned from an awards event with a winning trophy.  Some have also reported a real enthusiasm to enter future awards, maybe even in different categories.  Winning is most definitely addictive and it can spark individual employees and departments to create and adopt new initiatives, specifically to pursue more accolades!

At RDZ PR we love everything about awards.  The greatest thing for us, however, is when clients report back to us about their own very positive experiences of awards entry.  Yes, there is a degree of time and effort involved in putting an award application together (of course there are experts like The Awards People to help you with this) but the potential rewards are amazing, long-lasting – and a whole lot of fun!

If you’d like to find out more about how to find, enter and benefit from the right awards for your business, get in touch with us here at RDZ PR via