The perfect PR plan – as much about attitude as content

When it comes to an effective PR plan the difference between success or failure may be just as much to do with attitude as content.

Now, you may think that’s a strange comment to come from a PR specialist like us, and there may be a small degree of ‘tongue in cheek’ when we say it, but in truth we have seen some really fabulous campaigns fail to hit their anticipated mark because there simply wasn’t a high enough level of support being received from the top.

So why does there need to be 100% buy-in from the board of any company who want to undertake PR?  Well, the planning of a sustained campaign may just be Stage 1, but it is of tantamount importance.  In putting together the very best PR plan there are actions to be agreed and assigned – if there are stakeholders within that process who aren’t fully committed to the part they have to play, or indeed are reluctant to provide their valuable time when it is needed, then the campaign loses momentum just at the time it is needed most.

Now, it’s not that we are saying that there’s magic in PR and it won’t work if people don’t believe in it, but if a business owner or senior manager doesn’t see how the plan is going to come together then their individual actions may not be quite as ‘on message’ as they could otherwise be.  Worst still, if the audience can detect that the voice they are hearing is not one which comes from the heart of the business it will fail to achieve the kind of impact it might otherwise have done.

As the individual actions within the PR plan start to come together and reach the desired audience that audience then starts to look that little bit closer at the company who have all of a sudden come onto their radar.  As they start to engage they expect everything they see and feel to match the PR message which first pricked their attention.  If, upon this further scrutiny there is even just a suspicion that the business behind the hype doesn’t match their expectations, then the buzz which has been created will slowly fade away without really achieving much in the way of tangible benefits.

At RDZ we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to PR success.  We will, of course, lead our clients through their PR journey, but we do also make it quite clear right from the start that true impact, and therefore results, come when everyone is not only on board but are enthusiastic participants throughout.  Of course, this also means that we all tend to have just that bit more fun as we go along and, whilst not essential, we’re sure our clients will agree that it can be a very welcomed distraction from the other stresses and strains of day-to-day business life.

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Rachel Hargrave

Rachel has over 30 years of local, regional, national and international communications experience and expertise across a wide variety of clients including FTSE 100 companies, SMEs, micro businesses and start-ups. She also has extensive charity, Not-For-Profit and Community Interest Company experience and happily offers clients working in these areas a 50% discount on all RDZ PR rates.

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What Our Clients Say...

Sangeeta Patel, Joint CEO, Reaching People

Rachel provided us with a day of free support in association with the LLEP programme. Despite it being ‘free’ Rachels support was professional and dedicated. We received a full day of practical support including a discussion to fully understand our organisation, an assessment of our need, the production of a communications and marketing plan that was realistic, manageable and practical aimed at helping us move ahead on the communications front and, ultimately, with our organisational objectives. Rachel achieved so much in the time she had including writing and issuing a press release that appeared in the Leicester Mercury, wording for our website homepage and a letter to go with our membership pack. She also shared her hints and tips about social media, her press contacts and she connected me with a potential Reaching People member! In all it was an invaluable experience. Thank you, Rachel for giving up your time to help us.

Heather Johnson, Botanical Artist & Stationery Designer

I went on one of Rachel’s introduction to PR workshops and it was fantastic. She covered absolutely everything, explained it all in an understandable way and didn’t try to sell anything. She gave as much information as possible, answered all questions and she was just lovely. I would highly recommend Rachel for anything to do with PR and won’t hesitate to use her services in the future.

Ravi Summan

I was introduced to Rachel by an executive coach. My requirements were to provide quality, simple to understand content to engage with my target market and generate new customer enquiries in health and wellbeing. From my first discussion with Rachel, it was clear that she had the skills and empathy to provide a service to support the growth of my business. Rachel’s content writing and editing is very effective and her diligence ensures the right message is articulated. It is no surprise to me she has a strong track record of helping entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes support their growth. Aside from her professional competencies, Rachel genuinely cares about people and working with her allows you to focus on your core business. For those who are new to building their own business or employed by a large corporate, you will get value and authenticity from Rachel’s content and PR services.

Jayne McIntosh, Director, Air Aesthetics Health & Wellness Clinics

I met with Rachel and was instantly impressed with her warmth, enthusiasm and ability to understand the key issues being faced. She took time to clarity objectives and the key tasks required. A quick study she was able to pinpoint the brand tone of voice accurately. Rachel’s’ copy writing skills have been excellent. She has written for my business website, advertorial pages in lifestyle magazine and has also written first class responses to awards entries which are curtailed in length. Rachel is just really, really good!

Victoria Curtis, Company Secretary, Mono Roofing Ltd

Rachel came to provide our company with an appraisal for the company PR, and we learnt an awful lot! Rachel taught us how to make the most of our marketing and advertising and how to make it work for us, to get the client’s we really want. Rachel has provided our company with a plan to follow, and we are gradually implementing these procedures, and we know that in doing so, it will really raise the profile of our company and get us the work we want. I would definitely recommend Rachel to manage your company’s PR.

Trusha Lakhani, MD, Great Business Matters t/a Trusha Lakhani

Rachel Hargrave is one of the best PR experts that I have met. She not only understands the best awards for her clients but also how to make the most of the opportunity for the client’s personality. Put simply Rachel gets people. She understands her clients and their goals and is with you all the way. I highly recommend Rachel Hargrave and The Awards people and RDZ PR.

Paul Gerrard, MD, Gerrard Cranes

Rachel and I met yesterday to discuss my existing marketing and options for how we can improve and develop the strategy for my business. It’s very clear that Rachel has vast amounts of experience, knowledge, ability and some great contacts to achieve some amazing results. If you need some professional guidance with PR/awards/marketing then I’d highly recommend you get in touch with Rachel and see how she can help you out.

Victoria Beale, CEO, Business Live Global

I’ve worked with Rachel for the past ten years on a variety of client projects and for my business also and the service we have received has been second to none, consistent and most importantly delivers RESULTS. I would have no hesitation recommending RDZ PR to my customers and Business Live Network. Thanks Rach! Here’s to another ten years and more!

Mark Esho MBE, Easy Internet Services, Easy Internet Solutions, Dreme, Access Rating CIC

Thanks for all the hard work you put into the PR work for our companies and subsequently the business award submissions. You made the whole process stress-free, and the quality of the submissions have resulted in the receipt of multiple business awards. Great work, Rachel.