Welcome Aboard!

Trusha Lakhani is a qualified accountant, qualified coach, entrepreneur and active member in her own family business. Trusha is also the newest client to RDZ PR.

Helping business owners to run their businesses profitably and ethically, Trusha wants to take her message out to a wider audience showcasing the fabulous work she has done with many SME’s and, in particular, her support of family businesses.  Having been involved in her own family business from a young age Trusha has incredibly valuable first-hand experience of the often unique challenges – and opportunities – that running a family business offers.  Not content with her role within her families business Trusha has also held senior positions / Directorships in other SME companies as well as in the corporate world giving her a richness of experience not often seen.

We’re working with Trusha to help raise her profile and demonstrate not only the way she works with her clients but the results she achieves with them.  Our focus is going to be particularly on (but not exclusively) the family business arena.  As always our work with Trusha and her team starts with developing a 12 month plan which will show us, month-by-month what actions we’re looking to complete and which records our successes as well as any misses.  Misses??  Yes!

We always need to know what media we’re not yet engaging with and we need to understand why.  This is often, in our experience, an area that PR agencies shy away from.  We all want to talk about the successes, yes?  However, it’s vital to the long term success of the campaign to understand where we aren’t landing so that we can reframe our message or decide that this isn’t, after all, the right media for us and our client.  This is all done in conjunction with our client, of course, so they know exactly where we’re at, what we’re doing and why.

With Trusha’s experience there’s going to be a lot of content to create and share in order to support her campaign and we’re really looking forward to getting stuck in!  We’re meeting Trusha soon to put the final pieces of her plan in place and then, boom, we’re off and running!

Beyond excited!

You can find out more about Trusha and her work here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trusha-lakhani-b1569b14/?originalSubdomain=uk