What a fabulous year!

As we near the end of 2019 our thoughts turn to the 12 months we’ve just had and some of the things we’ve done. The truth is we’ve actually had a blast!

When RDZ PR was formed the idea was that we would work with exactly the kind of businesses we knew we could help – namely entrepreneurs, fast growing organisations and ambitious family businesses.  Why?  Because experience has taught us that this trio of business types were where we could have real success, helping them to achieve each and every one of their inspired business goals.

PR may be a relatively simple concept, but true results come when stakeholders not only buy in to the programme but also understand exactly what we are collectively trying to achieve, and engage with every element of the process.  It’s not just a question of getting lots of social media posts out there or issuing myriad press releases in the hope that some will stick; it’s about having a vision, understanding what is important to your business and to your target audience.  It’s also about being prepared for lots of hard work and being patient through the initial period where momentum is building.

That’s not to say that fun can’t be had along the way.  If you’re ‘doing’ PR right, then fun should most definitely feature in there somewhere!  The businesses we work with tend to be extremely passionate about what they do, in fact they generally love their chosen field.  Concentrating on the best bits and shouting about them from the rooftops should, therefore, be easy-peasy – shouldn’t it??

We’ve worked with some fabulously talented companies and individuals and seen some amazing products and service propositions, but mostly we’ve seen a true desire to be the very best and to set the highest possible standards – and that has made our job so much easier.

2019 has also been a great year for our sister company, The Awards People, too and we have been working very closely together throughout the year.  This reflects the fact that awards are playing an increasingly important role within the PR strategy, helping to raise profile and getting ambitious business owners into the kind of rooms where the movers and shakers they want to meet can be found.

So, here’s to another year just like this one, working with fast growing, ambitious organisations who know where they want to go and need the support of a PR specialist like RDZ PR to get there.  Lots of hard work, lots of new challenges – but also, lots more fun!!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to presenting more interesting stories and hints and tips on this blog page in 2020.